Is sex an art of living in Brittany?

2 December 2021

Pancakes and bigoudenes are not the only things that the Brittany has to offer. A rebellious land, conducive to all kinds of excesses, it offers a great deal of sex in its culture. " The less you show, the more you practice "this could be the libertine credo of our rennais and brestoise naughty girls. Behind the faces that may seem scowling for the uninitiated, the booty calls are going on, the parties are never ending and the libertine clubs are full!

The sea air has always titillated the desires of adventure of the warm Breton people... the absence of husbands gone to sea had to be filled! If you are looking for a reason for the success of for a quick sex encounter in Brittanywe have found it!

Breton men are hot

Breton people love freedom, so it's not surprising to discover their penchant for libertinage. Far from the cliché of the grumpy and sullen-looking man, the men of Brittany cultivate a real taste for epicureanism. The sense of pleasure in all simplicity, finding happiness in every little thing in life ... with the naughty meetings in sight.

The air of the open sea and the adventure are not foreign to it... Brest may not be only a Pirate port where sailors spend their time with girls on their knees, but sometimes it's close! The Military Port is a reservoir for hot men from all over France. I won't go into details, but long weeks at sea give soldiers a strong desire for sex in Brittany.

The taste for party meets the taste for free sex! So take a walk in the lively streets of Rennes or Quimper. Alcohol warms up the body as much as the libido. Every student party becomes a meeting place for booty calls, every event a new reason to get together for a drink. No need to wait for the weekend or a nice weather for that! From Finistere 29 to Côtes d'Armor, nothing will prevent them from having fun and go hunting for sexy milfs in Brittany.

Do you know that in the 70s and 80s, Japanese companies exported production units to Ille-et-Vilaine? They legitimized this choice by explaining to everyone that the Bretons were a hard-working and tireless people. If this is true for factory work, why shouldn't it be true for work under the comforter?

The Breton woman is very sexual

The naughty expectations of our Breton pigs from Vannes to Lorient need to be answered! Believe me, the local women are allies of choice for sex in Brittany. Forget the old-fashioned images of grannies in bigouden and other bigots of the old monasteries of the end of Morbihan 56. Breton women are very sexually inclined and master the art of booty call (almost) as good as the pancake recipe.

Is it the sea air that awakens their sexual impulses? Indeed, our naughty girls like to give taste to their intimate passions. When their husbands are at sea and having fun with beautiful exotic foreigners, these ladies have to have fun on their side. Sexual fulfillment in infidelity only becomes taboo when it is discussed in public. Breton women are not the type to accept frustration so easily!

Because of its history, Brittany has a culture close to that of the Anglo-Saxons. A liberal, pragmatic mentality where every opportunity must be seized... especially if it is about booty call meetings. The sea has a good back when it comes to the appetite for sex of the women of Brittany because inland, their desires of naughty appointments are the same.

Just look at the number of ads for sex in Brittany on It's amazing to see the percentage of registered women, even in the remote corners of Côtes-d'Armor in the 22! While in the rest of France the ratio of men is more important, the chicks of Bzh do not wait for any authorization to go hunting.

Brittany, a real culture of liberty in couple or solo

It is surprising to see that the appetite for sex did not wait for modern times to assert itself. The place of eroticism in Brittany is already well present in medieval mythology!

Here, as elsewhere, we flirt in everyday life, in the evening, at work... but as the Bretons are not the type to blabber for hours before taking action, it is without surprise that we note the presence of numerous libertine and swingers clubs in Brittany ! Decly's on the road to Vitré is a sauna-club with a sulphurous reputation just like La Petite Cheminée in Châteaugiron, a must in the field.

Another establishment for lovers of liberty in search of plan baise en Bretagne :

  • Club 3 in Plérin, brand new and already famous for its sex and glitter parties.
  • Bilitis in Plounérin
  • The Starman in Gourin (which has been working for over 40 years!)
  • Double play in Fougères and its cuddly lounges at the top

Who says culture for the liberty says also passion for the exhibition! Land of particularly rich and diversified nature, Brittany offers many places to meet and play in the open air. Then as here, " it only rains on idiots"You don't have to wait for summer to go and have fun outdoors.

The parking lot of the Apigné ponds, Le Parc de Beauregard, is no longer presented. It is very appreciated by the libertine community of Brittany. Couples, singles, heteros and gays have fun there and reveal themselves in a good mood. Even the large parking lot of Roazon Park lends itself to the desires of debauchery! When it is not in use on game nights, the action takes place in the adjacent groves and undergrowth.

The success of online dating on is not a surprise! It fits perfectly with this sex culture in Brittany. Many women are looking for a sexfriend or a casual encounter. Many are married, registered for a first extramarital experience or push the vice to launch a first gangbang. Single Breton women quickly find their happiness in this lot of young or cougar girls... without counting the couples in search of a partner for a threesome or to launch into candaulism.



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