Why don't you try swinging to spice things up?

Readers often ask us these kinds of questions about swingers clubs. Of course, like any other adventure you undertake with your partner, it can be damaging if your relationship can't handle it. An extended vacation, a joint investment or even just having children can break up a relationship if there is insufficient communication and no rules. Sexual adventures are no different.

1. talk, talk, talk

Use your sexual space to communicate your fantasy. Talk about it while you are making love and afterwards when you are in each other's arms. How do you imagine this experience? What would you want to do when you get there? Do you imagine your partner kissing another person to please you? What are the limits? Talk about the details, don't stay on the surface. In a nutshell, project yourself into the situation.

2. plan the swingers' meeting together

The "set" here is not optional for get to know sexy women or handsome men who will share an intimate moment with you and your partner. Don't do all the research on your own. Make sure you both look for the online swingers clubsBetter yet, do the research together, sitting on a couch. Not only will this keep you from drifting apart in your search for intimate encounters, but it will also bring you closer together. After all, it's all about sex, but more importantly, it's a joint project!

Outside of the clubs, it is also possible to get started via the naughty dating sitesThese platforms allow you to get to know women and men in couples who are ready to share a moment of sex and pleasure with you and your partner.

3. never, NEVER, impose themselves on each other.

It's a golden rule. Your common sexual space should allow both of you to express your thoughts and fantasies. However, this doesn't mean that your partner has to do whatever you want and vice versa. It's like with sextoysEach one respects the limits of his or her partner.

You can discuss and find common groundAnd, as with everything else in your relationship, be prepared to give up your idea if you find that for your partner it is a failure. And it should be at any time. Even once you are there!

4. at the swingers club, always stay together

Once inside a club, we always stay together. We know couples who break up, have independent fun and get together from time to time. It can really work for each other and each couple has to find what suits them best. But that's not our style.

The main reason we attend swingers clubs is to strengthen the sexual bond between usEverything around us, and everything else, is an accessory and serves this purpose, and this purpose only.

5. agree on a safety signal.

We love diving, and when you're underwater and can't communicate properly, the thumbs-up sign is a safe way to signal "I have to surface".

Once you raise your thumb, only one result is possible: you surface and your partner follows - no questions asked. We apply the same principle in a swingers club. As soon as one of us, for whatever reason, wants to get out of a situation, the other one follows.

No discussion. No hard feelings. We suggest you take time to talk later.

By following these simple rules, we actually realized that the fact of visiting a swingers club made our relationship even stronger.Our communication and attention to each other has deepened, our sexual space has blossomed and our desire for each other is stronger than ever. As a bonus, it has given us a lot of material to fantasize about sexy women or men!

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