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CuntEmpire is an erotic clicker game designed to suck you in while gorgeous girls suck you off - well, like the title character. You play as Mark, a suave, arrogant and newly unemployed director. Why is he unemployed, you ask? Because Mark just fucked his former boss's wife at his old porn production company.

Now Mark is free to realize his own dream - to build his own porn empire! This porn game is free, but is it worth your time? Find out in this CuntEmpire review!


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Cunt Empire : Be the king of your own porn kingdom

The plot is simple. Mark, aka you, has just been fired from his job after fulfilling a sexual fantasy many of us have: fucking the boss's hot wife.

He's broke, but he's not worried. In his own words, "I have my charisma, my dream, and my HUGE dick. "

And so the game begins. As Mark, you start building your own adult empire by casting sexy girls, opening cam studios, strip and night clubs, and other adult businesses until you have a huge porn production company. And of course, getting a ton of virtual pussy along the way.

Your partner in crime is Little Caprice (yes, the real porn star!) who is the voice of reason and your guide throughout the game. This is pure hedonistic fun. You can fuck sluts, make money and watch porn while you're at it!

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CuntEmpire Gameplay

CuntEmpire is an 18+ clicker game that you can play on mobile or browser. Using your mouse, you click on different parts of the screen to cast girls, start new porn adventures, claim your winnings and rewards, and much more.

The fun part comes in the form of strategy, because you need to make money to make more money. You need money to buy better sex toys, train and acquire new girls, add bling to your cam studios, and attract more viewers to watch your shows. And everything gets more expensive as you progress through the episodes. The game is free, but you can spend real money to buy gold BitchCoins if you want to progress faster.


Porn star on CuntEmpire

There are tons of fictional porn stars on CuntEmpire, but the site stands out for its casting of real porn stars. There's the legendary Little Caprice, your in-game assistant, and the CGI is fantastic because she looks just like her. There's also the ultra-popular Liya Silver and many other IRL bombshells scattered throughout the game.

The best porn games reward players with a good amount of in-game sex and nudity, and that's true for CuntEmpire. Best of all, it's not short, lame clips, but full-on pornographic videos that you can jerk off to.

One of the first is Little Caprice, who shows you her tits before getting your cock licked. Being able to unlock more porn is a great incentive to keep playing!

Graphics and Audio on Cunt Empire

The colorful and very colorful graphics give the game a very energetic look. It's essentially a contemporary HTML5 game, but everything looks polished and well drawn. The background music is catchy, and while there isn't much voice acting (you click on the dialogue), the cartoonish whining adds to the fun gameplay feel. Don't worry, the sound is excellent on the moving porn videos.

In CuntEmpire, you are in control of everything: the girls, the business and your dick. Overall, the game is perfect in terms of gameplay, XXX content and graphics, and the ability to play with real porn star avatars is the icing on the cake. Go ahead and build your own porn empire today!


F.A.Q - Cunt Empire

๐Ÿ‘ How to play Cunt Empire?

I suggest you read our review before you start playing. Then click on the play now button. You will then just have to go through the tutorial to learn the basics of the game, which is mainly clicking.

๐Ÿ‘ Should you download Cunt Empire?

No, you don't need to download Cunt Empire, you can simply play on a browser. The game is playable on PC, tablet or mobile (convenient to play from anywhere)!

๐Ÿ‘ How much does Cunt Empire cost?

Good news, Cunt Empire is free! However, you can advance faster in the game via microtransactions that cost only a few euros, but are optional.


Cunt Empire is an excellent porn game. If you're new to the business and have never played an adult game before, Cunt Empire is perfect and will keep you entertained for hours. Be careful, it could be almost addictive.


10 Total Score

CuntEmpire! Have you always wanted to build your own cunt empire? I'm talking about a mountain of pussies ready and willing to constantly knock on your door as is the case here, although that's a lofty goal to aspire to. No, I'm talking about your own little or big piece of the online adult industry pie. What could be better than making a bunch of money while having fun with a bunch of beautiful sluts?
  • Tens of thousands of videos
  • High definition video
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Premium content
  • Original Hentai
  • No
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